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Below are a few helpful guides that can assist you with your purchase and or specific products.

Your Bras are Like Tires

By Gabe | June 19, 2018

Did you know…   Your bras are like tires…  Once the mileage limit is reached its time for replacements!   Below are a few tips on how you know what kind of mileage your bras are facing…     Number of bras you have. Its important to have 3-5 everyday bras. Do the math: 365…

Abra Instructions

By Gabe | January 23, 2017

How to put on your Abra If you’ve lost the instructions that came with your ABRA, you can refer to these.   1.  For best adhesion, clean your chest area with soap or exfoliant, rinse thoroughly and dry well.  Apply your Abra within the hour.  AVOID moisturizers, powders, oils  etc. anywhere on or near the chest…

How to wear your body hush

By Gabe | November 10, 2016

Below are some tips to ensure you are wearing your body hush shape wear in the most comfortable way. body hush garments are made to provide shaping solutions for every occasion.  This means they may feel tight at first when you try them on. Step into the body hush garment, slip it up to the…