How to wear your body hush

Below are some tips to ensure you are wearing your body hush shape wear in the most comfortable way.

  • body hush garments are made to provide shaping solutions for every occasion.  This means they may feel tight at first when you try them on.
  • Step into the body hush garment, slip it up to the thigh level (making sure garment is centered) and pull firmly over hips like pantyhose.  Fit should be snug for best results.
  • Once Garment is on, adjust it to the body until you get a comfortable and controlled fit.
  • If garment rolls down or rides up, your wearing the wrong size and should try a bigger size.

The illustrations below will help guide you in getting dressed.


  1. Roll the garment from the inside till the waist.
  2. Pull it from the feet up to the hip like pantyhose.
  3. Pull up and adjust the garment from the back.
  4. Adjust the stars to the best level of comfort.
  5. Move your bra around with hand until fits perfectly.
  6. Adjust gusset hooks (for body suite only) to most comfortable length and desired fit.)

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