Your Bras are Like Tires

Did you know…


Your bras are like tires…

 Once the mileage limit is reached its time for replacements!


Below are a few tips on how you know what kind of mileage your bras are facing…



Number of bras you have. Its important to have 3-5 everyday bras. Do the math: 365 days in a year divided by the number of bras. If you always wear 2 bras, you’re wearing those 2 bras more than 180 times a year. That’s a lot of mileage!

How you wash your bras. Are you hand washing or throwing them in with your jeans (yikes!). Hand washing is recommended but its not always possible so placing your bras in a lingerie bag and washing on a gentle cycle is acceptable. And air dry only – NEVER put your bras in the dryer.

Cup size. Bigger cups have to work harder which means your mileage will always be greater on a G cup vs an A cup.

Quality. Just like your other clothes, some bras are made better than others – low quality equals higher mileage.


So How do you really know when its time for a New Bra…

7 questions to help you decide.    If you answer YES to any of them…It’s Time!

  1. Is your bra stretched? (check if the back is riding high or are the straps always needing adjusting)
  2. Is the foam inside the cup starting to wrinkle
  3. Is the elastic showing through or has the wire “popped” out of place
  4. Are your sisters creeping to your waistline
  5. Are you spilling out of the cups
  6. Was your last bra fitting more than a year ago
  7. Is your bra uncomfortable

We’re here to help if you have questions.

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