Welcome to Bella Mammella

Bella Mammella's vision is simple: We offer a personalized at-home shopping experience for intimate fashion and complimenting wardrobe pieces.

Historically, shopping for lingerie in typical storefronts has been uncomfortable and often stressful. Our Private and Group Consultations in the familiar and private setting of your own home serve to make this shopping experience fun and less stressful.

From swimwear, bras, shapewear and matching sets to everyday essentials, we not only provide options but also educate on correct fit, washing, storage and wear.  Bella Mammella caters to the needs of todays beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

Our Founder


Leaving her 20+ year corporate life behind, Gabe Lollo has used her business experience as a guide in her entrepreneurial adventures. A combined love of lingerie, passion for quality and sincere commitment to help women feel and look their best brought about the beginnings of Bella Mammella. Having experienced her own challenges and frustrations with finding the “right piece” or “perfect fit” she set out to improve these experiences. With a keen sense of style, a cheerful personality and the ability to put people at ease, her clients always leave with a relaxed, comfortable experience and return when in need for more pretty things.

Our Products

While we do not design our own products, we carefully hand select items with our clients in mind. Quality is key but we also recognize the importance of offering options at different price points. The majority of our items are for woman however, we do like to offer a selection of items for men as well.